Relevant Reading List #5: The Future Landscape of Learning

The Future Landscape of Learning

A unique occupation like teaching requires unconventional preparation.  The Relevant Reading Lists are a series of books that when read together convey a similar message imperative to teaching.  The books listed are not included in typical teacher preparation programs. The Pragmatic TV Teacher feels they should be.  Reading these will make you a better educator.

The world is changing and so is my philosophy on education.  I started here when beginning to redefine how I approached my profession.  These resources offer a fresh perspective on our future learners.  The ideas discussed in the books were discussed in the popular posts On Ants and Education: Part 1 and On Ants and Education: Part 2.

Consilience by E. O. Wilson
A Whole New Mind by Daniel Pink
The World is Flat by Daniel Friedman

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