2 Effective Steps To Deal With A Disruptive Student

Gene Therapy is an amazing technique in biotechnology used to fix a broken gene that causes a disease (the link leads you to a story about a blind boy how can now see!).  For example, the CFTR gene is damaged in an individual suffering from the respiratory illness Cystic Fibrosis.  To help the patient utilizing gene therapy, two things must occur:

First, the damaged gene must be identified.

Second, the damaged gene must be replaced.

If they occur, the individual has the potential to see a decrease in symptoms and become healthy.

The idea of fixing broken genes through a therapeutic process is awe-inspiring, but not the subject of this article.  For more information on gene therapy, read The Forever Fix by Ricki Lewis.

Identifying a corrosive agent and fixing it by inserting the properly functioning component is a ubiquitous
concept.  This article is about applying the idea of gene therapy to classroom management.  You'll learn the two step process used by expert teachers to change the behaviors of problem students quickly and efficiently.