Parent Communication Made EASY

At a recent brainstorming session with new educators, a list was developed highlighting the most pressing and nerve-racking obstacles that a new teacher faces.  The list contains a few unique and humorous answers:

- dealing with the aches and pains resulting from standing all day
-talking to friends and family as if they were a student

and my favorite:  remembering to eat and use the bathroom

These are all legitimate concerns, but our time is better spent helping new teachers with methodological and pedagogical issues.

Also on the list was time management, over preparation, and classroom management.  It took some time before the elephant in the room was finally identified:

"Well," a participant timidly squeaked, "I'm afraid of parents, like calling them and talking to them."

A unanimous "Ohhhhh yeah me too!" resounded from the group.

As a development project, we decided that was our area of focus- the dreaded parent contact.

As a group they developed a protocol for addressing parents, which I will not share with you.  What I will share with you, that I did not share with them (YET!) is an easy way to not only get parents on your side, but communicate with them weekly and encourage positive interactions.

This works for all parents, even the most ornery ones:)

It only takes five minutes a week and virtually alleviates the stress caused by parent contact.

Its called the  (Put your content here) Update Email.  For example: Earth Science Update Email.

This article discusses the strengths and benefits of a weekly parent email in a list of observations.